Retail stores in Greece shutt down – What remains open

The government announced that retail shops will shut down as of Wednesday, with the exception of their e-services and related at-home delivery divisions, as part of efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Greece following a global pandemic.

Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias said that all most retail stores that involve in-store transactions would generally shut down, with the exception of supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations, among others.

The list of stores that will remain open after Wednesday include the following:

– supermarkets, neighborhood food stores, butcher stores, fish stores, bakeries, pastry shops, groceries and wine sellers
– pharmacies and stores selling devices for mobility impaired people, and medical and industrial supplies and machines
– opticians and stores selling hearing devices (by appointment only, after calling)
– delivery services, room service, takeaway food (delivery and takeout stores are not allowed to have sit-down customers)
– covered open markets (with restrictions as to the number of customers at a time)
– gas stations
– car and motorcycle repair shops, bicycle sale and repair stores
– kiosks, mini-markets and small neighborhood (‘psilika’) stores
– dry cleaners
– courier companies
– pet food stores, or stores selling animal feed or veterinary medicine
– telecoms stores (with restrictions)
– electricity and natural gas provider stores
– plant fertilizers and agricultural material
– funeral parlors
– retail stores at airports and ports of Greece (with restrictions)

Retail stores that also serve customers through e-orders may keep that particular division open.