Retired policeman shot and killed in Pallini by unknown assailants

An unknown perpetrator or perpetrators shot and killed a 57-year-old retired police officer outside a taverna in Pallini in the early hours of Tuesday morning. According to police sources there were no eye-witnesses to the shooting and its motives remain unclear.

Police said that the taverna car park where the victim was shot was dark but they are looking at footage from nearby cameras that may reveal useful information either before or after the shooting took place.

The victim appears to have been ambushed as he was leaving the taverna at 2:00, after a meal with friends. The shooter opened fire and inflicted fatal gunshot wounds as the victim approached, firing a total of five bullets into his body, then fled. The injured victim managed to get as far as the taverna to ask for help but fell dead as soon got through the door. Five shells were found at the scene of the murder.

Police are also making inquiries in the area and taking statements from staff and customers at the taverna, in case anyone noticed something that might be relevant to the case. Investigating officers are also looking into the life and activities of the victim to determine whether he had differences with anyone that might serve as a motive for murder.

The victim, a father of two, had served as a narcotics squad officer and in the EKAM special counter-terrorist unit.

An inquiry into the shooting is being carried out by the Attica Security Police.