Road and irrigation networks damaged from rain, snow in Trikala region

Adverse weather with extensive rain for days in a row has caused extensive damage in road and irrigation networks, preventing farmers from access to their farms in the northern Greek city of Trikala.

Deputy district director of Trikala Christos Michalakis told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) that the community hit the hardest is the village of Pialia, in the Pyli township, where the erosion of the hill caused avalanches and led to the evacuation of residents. Images from the area show displaced and broken homes and roads.

In addition, areas like Kastania are under snow over a meter deep, and large volumes of water has collected in the Trikala region’s flat areas, especially with the overflowing of Litheos and other local rivers.

The rain has heavily damaged water and irrigation networks, farming equipment, roads, and flooded homes, while farmers have a difficult time accessing their livestock, Michalakis told ANA.