Robots undertake the sorting procedures at Hellenic Post ELTA

A new era is launched for ELTA as, at the Group’s facilities in Kryoneri, the new robotic and fully digital facility for sorting objects started operating. It is a system – the first of its kind in Europe – that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to manage objects with ultra-high speed and security, while at the same time capturing the Group’s commitment to put Digital Transformation into practice, in which in practice, now, invests.

The new system entered into production in mid-August and is being developed with the aim of changing the overall data for the ELTA Group, drastically upgrading the capacity and speed in sorting and, consequently, in deliveries, according to a relevant update. At the same time, it ensures greater security for the items and faster service for the customers.

The new investment of ELTA focuses on sorting, one of the most crucial links in the chain of the postal services, which to date is dominated by manual and semi-mechanical sorting, which, however, has very high demands on time and significant chances of errors,  resulting in delays in deliveries. Now, with the addition of robots to the sorting process, ELTA utilizes the technology to launch each parcel for distribution immediately, quickly and without errors, which paves the way, in the future, even for deliveries within the same day.

More specifically, the new robotic sorting system, utilizing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence achieves:

– Increase the sorting speed by 250%.

– Ensures delivery the next day (D + 1).

– Manages items that make up about 80% of total shipments.

– Provides automatic weight calculation and pricing of items.

– Reduces errors and increases the protection of objects.

– Offers sorting procedures in Covid Free environment.

The new robotic installation is a tool for the sorting staff and allows the ELTA Group to make more efficient use of its human resources but also to move decisively in the implementation of its strategic goal, for a holistic re-approach of public service.

At the same time, the installation of the robotic sorting system reflects in practice the digital shift of the Hellenic Post, marks a huge technological leap and leads the Group to the next day, laying the foundations for enhancing profitability and transforming ELTA into a healthy, financially independent and a competitive business that continues to operate for the benefit of citizens.