‘Room to manoeuvre’ for Greek deal by June 15, says Belgium’s FinMin Overtveldt

Arriving at a deal on Greece that includes the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is possible by the June 15 Eurogroup, Belgian Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt told the Brussels Economic Forum on Thursday, though he did not elaborate how this might be achieved.

“I see room to manoeuvre in order to arrive at an agreement with all the sides, including the IMF,” he said during a panel discussion on the EU economy, in response to a question on Greece.

Van Overtveldt explained that the discussion on debt relief for Greece is based on last year’s Eurogroup decision, which said that debt relief measures will be adopted after the successful conclusion of the Greek programme, if necessary. Greece and the IMF were currently asking that these debt relief measures be made more specific right now, he added, but no agreement was possible at the last Eurogroup, so the discussion would continue at the next Eurogroup meeting on June 15.

According to the Belgian minister, the view prevailing in the Eurogroup was that Greece has made a lot of progress and implemented the greater part of the reforms agreed with its partners.