Rouvikonas claims attempt to barge into ANEL deputy’s office

The anti-establishment group Rouvikonas on Wednesday claimed responsibility for an attempt by three individuals to barge into the office of Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP Costas Katsikis earlier the same day.

“Unfortunately, the entry of the group into the MPs office was not possible. All reports on the incident are lies. No one entered the office making threats,” Rouvikonas said in a post on an anti-establisment website.

Unknown individuals on Wednesday attempted to force their way into the MP’s office on Vassilisis Sofias Avenue in central Athens.

Police officers arrived at the scene, responding to a phone call saying that individuals wearing masks tried to get into the deputy’s office. The perpetrators had fled before the police arrived.

The Independent Greeks party is the junior partner in Greece’s ruling SYRIZA-ANEL coalition.