Ryanair strengthening its presence in Greece

Low cost airline Ryanair is strengthening its presence in Greece with three additional bases in Rhodes, Chania and Corfu, and 46 new routes to and from these airports.

The company announced in a web press conference on Wednesday that Ryanair’s bases in Greece and the 14 airports managed by Fraport will now amount to five in total (Athens, Rhodes, Chania, Corfu, Thessaloniki).

Ryanair’s flight operations this summer include a total of 107 new routes and an announcement for more connections is to follow. The new bases have launched 243 flights a week, with the company’s executives talking about the creation of 120 new jobs. It is underlined that Ryanair, for the execution of its new flights to Greece, is reinforcing its fleet with four new aircraft, with a total investment of 400 million dollars.

In Corfu there will be 18 new itineraries, raising the total number to 42, with 97 flights a week, while the new jobs will amount to 60. In Chania, 15 new itineraries are added, increasing the total number to 38, with 90 flights per week and 30 new jobs. In Rhodes, 13 new itineraries have been planned, raising the total number to 27, with 56 flights per week and the new jobs amounting to 30.

Ryanair estimated that tourist flows to Greece will be restored, with Fraport Greece General Manager George Velos noting that this development confirms the resilience and potential of Greece as a tourist destination, even in the current difficult conditions.