Sales of non-metal mineral companies up 8.7 pct in 2016

Sales of the 111 top enterprises in the non-metal minerals sector (cement, marbles, etc) grew 8.7 pct to 1.3 billion euros in 2016, compared with the previous year, an annual report by New Times newspaper said on Monday.

The survey said that these enterprises managed to turn from losses in 2015 to profits in 2016. Accumulated profits totaled 51.5 million euros. A total of 71 companies reported profits in 2016, raising their turnover by 10.4 pct to 828 million euros, while profits remained stable at 134 million euros.

The top 10 companies in the sector were: Pavlidis Marbles, FHL Kiriakidis, Titan Cement, Larsinos, Haritopoulos D.N, Mermeren Kombinat, Biros Greek Marbles, Marmor SG Stone Group, Northern Greece Tiles, Greek Quarries, Lamia Quarries, Nordia, Iktios Hellas, Pavlidis Domiki, Nikos D. Melis, Poulios SA, Ergobeton Thrace, Ideal Standard, Kartsonas Larsinos and Viokef Kakkos.