Sales of professional vehicles up significantly in Greece

Greece is the country with one of the highest growth rates in the sales of professional vehicles in Europe, with an increase of 18.4 pct in 2017, sharply up from an EU average growth rate of 3.2 pct.

Demand for new professional vehicles in the EU was positive in 2017, totaling 2,403,414 units, or 3.2 pct up compared with 2016. In Greece, sales totaled 7,262 in 2017 from 6,135 in 2016. Bulgaria recorded the highest growth rate (22.1 pct or 5,973 vehicles), while France (495,052 vehicles, up 6.9 pct), Germany (369,146 vehicles up 3.3 pct), Spain (227,303 vehicles, 13.5 pct) and Italy (221,263, down 2.3 pct) remained the steam engines of growth.

Sales of light professional vehicles (up to 3.5 tons) grew 17.9 pct in Greece totaling 6,627, while the average growth rate in Europe was 3.0 pct. Sales in France grew 7.1 pct and in Germany sales grew 4.9 pct in 2017.

Sales of heavy professional trucks (more than 3.5 tons) fell 0.5 pct in Greece, totaling 190 lorries, while sales of very large trucks (16 tons) rose 7.8 pct totaling 218 vehicles.