Samaras: International investors have already entered the Greek market

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Monday emphasised the rapid progress made by the Greek economy over the last two years and the many opportunities it now offered for investors, in a message via webcast at the 16th annual Capital Link ‘Invest in Greece’ Forum held here on Monday.

“During the course of the last two years, Greece has managed to consolidate its economy in an unprecedently rapid and efficient way,” he said in a speech entitled “A New Era of Opportunity for Greece,” while emphasising the help given by the United States in this direction.

“We are already witnessing the fruits of our joint efforts and international investors have already entered the Greek market,” he noted, underlining the multiple investment opportunities throughout the main sectors of Greece’s economy.

Praising the annual Capital Link forum as a key event for promoting potential investments to the US public and for boosting the already strong, historic ties between the two countries, he noted that close cooperation between Greece and the US could now be “more constructive and mutually profitable” than ever, during these difficult times. “This year’s Capital Link investment forum is of the utmost importance, given the successful reforms that have already been carried out to kickstart the Greek economy,” he said, adding that signs of this economic recovery had already started to emerge.

Referring to the sacrifices and the demanding austerity that Greeks had been subjected to in recent years, Samaras said that this effort was finally starting to pay off and sweeping changes had been made in all areas, such as fighting bureaucracy and tackling extensive shortcomings.

“We must now exploit our unused potential, our natural resources, our mineral wealth and, above all, our rich human capital, in order to create a secure and stable business environment and make our country attractive to foreign investors. No longer is there the bureaucracy that acted as a disadvantage in every transaction with the general public and especially with the private sector,” he stressed.

The prime minister underlined that Greece was now a “champion” in fiscal adjustment and for structural surpluses in the Euro zone, while it had ranked first in the Euro zone for GDP growth in the third quarter of 2014, as well as in growth forecasts for 2015. He also announced plans for tax measures favourable for investors.

“It is clear that the ‘smart money comes first’ to promising sectors,” the prime minister pointed out, referring to the potential for existing companies to increase production and activity in areas such as banking, agriculture, tourism and energy and thus present a growth trend.

“Our success story in Europe, is a European success that will make all Greek-Americans proud,” he concluded.