Samaras: If the plan is to keep Greece in the euro area, we will provide support

Οpposition leader Antonis Samaras, in an interview with Bloomberg news agency said he is open to offering a political rescue.

New Democracy leader signaled his willingness to join a unity government. “If the plan is to keep Greece in the euro area, we will provide support,” said Samaras because “Exit would signal a total catastrophe.”

While Samaras questioned Tsipras’ commitment to the single currency, he said it’s the only conceivable economic path for Greece. “For the euro area, the spillover effect from Greece leaving the euro is not going to be today as big as it would have been four years ago,” Samaras said. “But it’s still going to be huge, and it’s going to be a political disaster,” he said. The government should honor the commitments made in February’s deal to extend the bailout, he said.

“If they ideologically decide they won’t abide by this agreement, then you may have a default,” Samaras said. “Euro-area countries which have lower GDP per capita than Greece, countries which have elections and countries which have themselves gone through a program won’t give us any more money if they see that the government is not abiding by its commitments and it’s behaving in an anti-European manner,” Samaras said.

He dismissed criticism he’s not supporting the government, saying his party “voted in favor of the two bills the government brought to parliament.” According to Samaras, Tsipras is further undermining the country’s credibility by making overtures to Russia.

“When you are in Europe and ask Chinese, Iranians, Russians to finance your deficit, don’t you send a signal to the rest of Europe that you are not really a serious pro-European?”