Samaras: SYRIZA is trying to cancel Greece’s success, we will not let them

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Thursday levelled harsh criticism against main opposition SYRIZA, while speaking to New Democracy’s Parliamentary group.

“SYRIZA makes foreigners again talk about a Grexit,” Samaras said. “We managed to pull the country out of the greatest crisis and now some are threatening to take it back there. All deputies have a political responsibility. Some of them doubted the primary surpluses, the country’s return to the markets, the exit from the memorandum, and they were proved wrong. Now they are doing something even worse. They are trying to cancel Greece’s success. We will not let them do so,” Samaras underlined.

The prime minister noted that the government’s success was also recognised by the Eurogroup. “Europe decided to support us with a credit line that will allow us to borrow. The last review should be concluded. We are very close to that without taking strict measures that we do not need and that would affect the first steps of growth,” he noted, adding that SYRIZA is always citing the polls, but forgets the most important factor, the fact that people do not want elections, they do not want to halt the country’s course, they do not want to go back. “The people’s stance shows that they have a clear view and that they will punish those who will drag the country to elections. A prolonged election period translates into paralysis for the country,” he said.

“SYRIZA told us that it has an alternative policy. Eventually, they submitted a programme disputed even by their own people … A few days ago they visited London … As soon as foreigners learned what their intentions are, they were horrified. All this while trumpeting that they will not vote for a president of [Hellenic] Republic and blackmailing other deputies. This caused political instability and hurt the country and its exit from the memorandum. This situation led some of the lenders to request things that could not be done. That is why we decided to hold the presidential elections a month and a half earlier than expected. Everyone is aware that SYRIZA has a policy of confrontation with Europe that will lead Greece to a crisis and may spread to Europe,” Samaras stressed.

“SYRIZA has one enemy: a modern, democratic Greece, free from old sins. Every deputy will have to explain why he allied himself with the forces of opposition. Deputies ought to comply with the Consitution’s spirit and decide whether they will keep the country in Europe or let it enter into a confrontation with European institutions. Greece will be able to continue developing as long as it meets its fiscal targets and carries out reforms,” he said.

Regarding Stavros Dimas’ candidacy, he said that it was excellent. “Some are trying to weaken it by spreading rumours that he will not be a candidate in all three voting procedures. With the recent agreement, Greece will be covered until late February. As soon as a president is elected and the review is completed, we will ask for debt support and will sign the new agreement with the help of the credit line,” he added.

He made special reference to the constitutional revision, which is necessary, as he said, for important reforms to be implemented.

“If a president is not elected, everything will be up in the air, populism will prevail… SYRIZA is in panic, it is seeking elections that it does not want and power that it doesn’t know how to handle,” the Greek premier pointed out.

“Truth and responsibility are our weapons. Everyone should assume his own responsibilities. Nobody will hold Parliament to account for not electing a president. However, everyone will accuse it of casting the country into a new dangerous adventure if a president is not elected. In the coming days we will all be judged by developments that will appear after a few weeks… Citizens are watching us, they know what is happening and eventually, what is best for the country will prevail,” he concluded.