Samaras: SYRIZA policy excludes Greece from ECB’s state bond buying programme

Prime Minister and New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras on Friday in statements to ANT1 TV lashed out at SYRIZA and said that with its policy it was excluding Greece from ECB’s state bond buying programme.

He noted that while the ECB has warned Greece that it would not participate in the quantitative easing unless it successfully concluded the review with the troika, SYRIZA says it would not even accept the participation of the country in a support programme and wants to start contacts with the lenders from scratch.

“That means that for a whole year, while it will be “pouring down” with money, we won’t even get a single drop,” he warned. Referring to SYRIZA he said that “they were celebrating on Thursday and obviously they hadn’t read that in order for Greece to get the money the review needs to be concluded. This is the whole point and SYRIZA did not take that into consideration.”

Asked on those who accuse him for causing pre-election fear, he said among others: “When someone says I will not pay any debts and interest, I will print money, when someone says Cosco would have better fall into the sea, when countries like China give jobs and hope to the people, when you say the Police and the Coast Guard personnel will be unarmed, then who is creating fear? No one knows what SYRIZA wants. Fear describes what they believe in.”

Referring to citizens that turn to smaller parties, he said that with their vote “they are in fact depriving New Democracy of the right” to claim the leading position in the election. He also expressed his optimism over the election results, noting that there is still a 15 percent on undecided voters affiliated with the centre-right political wing. “The change will take place in the last days,” he estimated.