Samaras: SYRIZA rhetoric is causing fear in the markets

In an article with “Real News” newspaper, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras sent a message to all MPs to set aside the “clouds of political uncertainty and instability” by voting in favour of a new President of the Republic during the imminent three consecutive votes scheduled to take place in Parliament by the end of the month.

Failure of the Parliament to elect a new President would, according to the Greek Constitution, automatically lead to general elections, for the formation of a new Parliament which would then vote another three times for a new President.
PM Samaras blamed main opposition SYRIZA party that its stance and rhetoric is causing fear in the markets. “There is uneasiness and it’s justified, SYRIZA is causing it” wrote Samaras, who added that “Democracy has the weapons to neutralize this climate of fear”.

The Premier sees Greece exiting the crisis and ready to forge an agreement with Greece’s bailout creditors regarding the day after the country’s financing programme will end. In his view, SYRIZA pursues to block this course. Samaras concluded, that “The only thing left to do is to […] elect a President of the Republic. It is a national duty and a genuine redemption”.