Samothrace in state of emergency after heavy rainfall damages road network, buildings

State inspections and recording of the damage caused by extreme weather conditions on Samothrace, which began on Wednesday.

Infrastructure and Transport Ministry staff are already on the island, along with private inspectors from other services, to enable the assessment of damages from flooding and mudslides, and to enable the quick compensation of residents.

On Tuesday, a state of emergency was declared on the island.

Meanwhile, Infrastructures and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis called for the immediate implementation of a plan to resolve the chronic problem of complete lack of anti-flooding planning in the town of Samothrace proper, in order to prevent similar flooding phenomena in in the future.

Spirtzis arrived in Samothrace on Tuesday, on the orders of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, to assess the state of the island and coordinate the necessary actions. He left the island later in the day.
The heaviest damages were recorded in the town hall and health centre buildings. According to Samothrace mayor Thanassis Vitsas, a wall and part of the ceiling has collapsed in the town hall, damaging heavily equipment and files.

The island’s road network has been cut in two due to landslide and the water supply has been cut off.
Restoration works have started and the water supply is expected to be restored later on Wednesday.