Savvidis Group raises stake in Souroti to more than 48 pct

Savvidis Group owns more than 48 pct of shares in Souroti SA after the completion of an auction on Wednesday to sell a 4.5 pct equity stake held by the Agricultural Cooperative of Souroti. Savvidis Group purchased 702,471 shares for 1.05 euros per share, being the sole bidder in the auction.

After this, Savvidis Group owns more than 48 pct of Souroti, with Coca Cola HBC owning another 18.1 pct and the municipality of Thermi another 15.9 pct (the municipality examines selling an 11 pct of its stake) and 4.6 pct owned by Central Macedonia Prefect.

The Cooperative, boosted by 740,000 euros after the sale of its equity stake in Souroti, plans to use this money to fund development projects.