Schaeuble ‘confident’ there will be successful completion of Greek review

Speaking to foreign correspondents in Berlin on Tuesday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he was confident that the second review of the Greek programme will be successfully completed, according to Deutsche Welle.

In spite of the gloomy messages that talks in Athens had stalled, Schaeuble said he had no doubt the review will be completed provided all participants stuck to the agreement reached with Greece at the last Eurogroup, which was the basis for the return of the institutions to Athens. He also pointed out that the institutions’ mission in Athens was continuing.

The German finance minister suggested that “not everything being said in Athens was representative of what was agreed” and that if difficulties had now arisen “then this happens because some may think that it is not necessary to adhere to what has been agreed.”

Asked about Grexit, Schaeuble said this was not an issue raised by him and that such a decision was up to Greece. At the same time, he noted that a country in the Eurozone must implement those things it has committed to do.

“If difficulties arise, then we can negotiate again,” he added, while ruling out a “temporary” Grexit suggested by members of Die Linke as contrary to European treaties.