Schaeuble ‘optimistic’ about agreement to disburse loan tranche to Greece

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Thursday he remains optimistic about an agreement to disburse the next loan tranche to Greece, as he arrived for the Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday.

“I remain optimistic as before that we will arrive today at a result for the disbursement of the next installment,” he said, adding that “more voices are saying in Greece that agreements must be kept. In Germany they were always there. If the Greeks keep the agreements, we will save time in the future.”
On the question of Greek debt relief, the German finance minister said that “the agreement of May 2016 is the framework” which remains in place, noting that ministers have worked out a way that will allow the IMF’s board to remain in the program.

Asked about what compromises Germany is ready to make to persuade the IMF to participate in Greece’s program, he said: “I’m quite optimistic that we will find a common solution but I cannot announce the result of our negotiation today before the meeting has started.”