Schaeuble spokesman: Greek talks possible to successfully conclude on May 24

It is possible to successfully conclude talks between the institutions and Greece at the Eurogroup meeting on May 24, provided pending legislative procedures have been completed until then, said Martin Jäger, spokesman of the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, during a press conference on Wednesday.

Concerning talks on Greece’s debt and on the proposal put forward by Klaus Regling, the head of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), Jäger said Eurogroup’s decisions are not anything new, but simply clarify decisions from the summit meeting last summer. “What was decided was that if in 2018, after the program concludes, and after possibly a necessary use of the contingency mechanism, there’s still a need to financially support the Greek budget, then we can discuss measures concerning debt,” he said.

The spokesman also said that the May 24 Eurogroup will not make any specific measures on the country’s debt, which would inevitably lead to a change in the program. “We will highlight ways as to how, under the aforementioned conditions, we could hold such a debate on debt in the end, after 2018,” Jäger said.