Schaeuble’s ‘dogmatism’ resulted in Eurogroup deadlock, Infrastructure Minister claims

The Eurogroup result largely confirmed what the government has been saying for some time and had been largely “expected,” Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis claimed on Tuesday, talking to the radio station ‘Sto Kokkino’.

“There were no higher expectations because it was and is completely clear that what we have said all along was confirmed…in other words, [German Finance Minister Wolfgang] Schaeuble’s dogmatism and his differences with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are in many cases so absolute that they lead to a deadlock. This is what we have been seeing two years now,” he said.

The positive elements emerging from Monday’s Eurogroup was the support given to Greece by other EU countries, which showed that the government’s efforts and initiatives were yielding results regarding the debt and European policy in general, Spirtzis added.

“It is also important that all sides and all the lenders have nothing to accuse Greece of…all sides are waiting for a convergence on how to it can be concluded and there can be an agreement on the debt that is sustainable,” he noted. It was time for Greece’s lenders to also honour their commitments, overcoming their disagreements and inflexibility to reach an agreement, he added.