Schinas: Commission will propose a new migration and asylum agreement

The European Commission will propose a new migration and asylum agreement in order for all the state members to fairly share the burden and the pressure, stated on Saturday vice president of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas in an interview with the Greek public broadcaster ERT.

Schinas noted that the aim is the reform of the Dublin Agreement which, as he said, “does not offer any solidarity solution but, essentially, passes on to the first reception countries, as Greece, disproportional management migration burden”.

Currently, the relevant deliberations with the European state members are in progress and is estimated that it will be put to vote in the spring of 2020 during the German EU presidency, Schinas said.

The Commission’s aim, he added, “is to find a new solidarity network in order for the asylum applications to be distributed among all the EU state members and not to the entrance points as it happens today. Additionally, the new agreement will foresee returns for those not entitled to asylum and will also include agreements with third countries conditions in order to be able to create opportunities for citizens to remain in their homeland while there will also be a provision for legal migration.

Finally, Schinas characterised European Council’s condemnation of the Turkey-Libya memorandum very important because, as he said, it makes clear that the Greek and the Cypriot worries are not only Greek-Turkish and Cypriot-Turkish problems, but Euro-Turkish and part of the wider framework of the relations between Europe and Turkey.