School teachers to hold their first nationwide protest on Friday

School teachers will hold their first nationwide labour action since the start of the new school year on Friday, their unions announced.

More than 80 Teachers’ Associations of Primary Education and Unions of Secondary Education State School Teachers in Athens, Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece will hold protest rallies outside the ministry of education at 13:30 (in Athens) and the ministry of Macedonia and Thrace at 13:00 (in Thessaloniki).

The teachers are protesting against their assessment, scheduled at October 3, which is part of a wider plan to evaluate the country’s civil servants. They also demand hirings of new colleagues with full-time contracts and the equation of the rights of permanent and substitute teachers.

The unions say their labour action constitutes a “first nationwide and coordinated response towards government policy which crushes labour and educational rights in the name of ‘savings’ in education”.