Schools opened on Monday -15,547 self-tests positive so far

Schools opened on Monday with more self-tests for students and professors in order to contain the spread of Covid.

Students of all levels, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, as well as vaccinated teachers, have been provided with five (5) free self-tests from pharmacies from Wednesday, January 5 until Saturday, January 8.

New health measures include: a) an extra self test for the first week of classes (Jan. 10-15), or three self tests for the week instead of two, provided by pharmacies without charge, b) Vaccinated students and teachers must also do two self tests that week, instead of one, because of the high infection rates to those fully vaccinated as well, and c) in cases of an infection, the entire classroom will need to be tested, not just those sitting near the infected person.

In the last case, unvaccinated students will be obliged to test every day of the week (five days), with 2 rapid tests and 3 self tests, the latter provided free by pharmacies. The same holds true for unvaccinated teachers, who will also do 2 rapid tests and 3 self tests, the latter free of charge.

With a new announcement on Monday, the Education Ministry said that 15,547 positive self-tests have been recorded so far.

Earlier, the ministry annouced that 14,000 self-tests carried out by students and teachers were positive by Sunday evening.

In total, 1.6 million people were tested, while “the largest simultaneous testing of the population
against coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic was carried out,” according to the same sources.

Previously, the numbers being tested were smaller as only unvaccinated individuals were obliged to do a test.