Second review talks to be completed by April 7, Attica Bank head says

A second review of the Greek program will be completed by April 7 at the latest, Panagiotis Roumeliotis, chairman in Attica Bank and a former representative of Greece at the IMF, said on Friday.

Speaking at the ANA-MPA radio station (Praktorio 104.9 Fm), Roumeliotis said that “the field of the negotiation has been cleared…extreme voices asking high primary surpluses for many years have been isolated”.

“It has become clear that medium-term debt relief measures must be agreed,” the Greek banker said, adding that a new legislation on out-of-court compromise will help banks to deal with non-performing loans, paving the way for increased liquidity in the real economy.

Referring to the policy of the Trump administration on the Greek issue, Roumeliotis said that “the US President has said that Greece is a matter of the EU and the Eurozone…There were objections to the IMF’s participation in the Greek program from the start. Donald Trump does not disagree with the reforms proposed by the IMF but will not agree on the funding of Greece unless the Europeans guarantee a debt restructuring of the country”.

He said that Attica Bank has been restructured and was ready to fund the real economy. “Our funding will focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises and innovative enterprises,” Roumeliotis said, adding that the bank has earmarked 200 million euros for this purpose. “The bank will give 100 million euros and another 100 million euros are expected to be secured through partnerships with international organizations,” he noted. Roumeltiotis said the bank decided not to fund enterprises with direct or indirect relation with mass media in the country.