Section of Ionia Odos out of commission on Wed. between Antirrio-Gavrolimni

A section of the Ionia Odos, from Antirrio to Gavrolimni, will be shut down on Wednesday, for work on the high-voltage power grid.

Both directions of traffic will be shut down at the section in western Greece from 8:00 to 14:00 on Wednesday.

Drivers heading to Ioannina will be diverted at the Antirrio roundabout to the old national highway before rejoining Ionia Odos at the Gavrolimni roundabout.

Drivers heading to Antirrio will exit at Gavrolimni roundabout and enter through Antirrio, manager Nea Odos said.

The Klokova toll station will be out of operation, Nea Odos said, while the auxiliary toll booths at Gavrolimni will operate normally.