Seismic sequence will continue for several weeks, says EPPO chief Professor Lekkas

“We will be here for as long is necessary,” Professor Efthimios Lekkas, chief of the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (EPPO), said to the Athens Macedonian News Agency on Tuesday.
Lekkas, who is currently on Lesvos, explained: “We have the activation of an underwater fault which is parallel to the islands’ coasts. A fault that was not known because it is difficult to be observed inside the water.”

He estimated that the seismic sequence will continue for a couple of weeks because we have experienced “a strong earthquake”.

“We are almost certain that it was the main quake but we have to wait and see the progress of the phenomenon and to re-evaluate the whole process”.

Finally, on speculations of a new strong quake, Lekkas noted: “I am not in favour of forecasts. We have still much work to do at international level to be in position to predict earthquakes. I wish we could, but it is most unlikely to happen in the next years”.