Seli-Vermio Skiing Centre shuts down due to snowstorm; to reopen on the weekend

The Seli-Vermio Skiing Centre in Imathia, west of Thessaloniki, has been shut down due to severe weather conditions in the area, its administration said.

Centre president Kostas Tzelepis said that the decision, prompted by the “Sophia” cold front phenomenon, “will avert disaster. We don’t want to expose people to danger.” There is an intense snowstorm in the area, he said, and temperature has dropped to below 7 Celsius (19.4F), making travel by road extremely dangerous.

“We already have and will continue to have in the following hours one to two centimeters of snow per hour,” Tzelepis said, explaining that “the snow is powdery and the machinery can’t manage.”

Over the weekend, he said however, the skiing centre will operate normally.