Cleaning lady that doctored her certificate released from jail

A woman who was found guilty and jailed for doctoring her primary school certificate in order to be hired as a cleaning lady at a state-funded nursery was released on Wednesday.

The 53-year-old cleaner said that she had doctored her certificate to find a job and be able to raise her children. “Welfare came to my house and I was afraid they were going to take away my children. My husband and I were jobless,” she said.

The cleaning lady had been sentenced to 10 years in jail on charges of defrauding the state.

Court officials said Wednesday that the woman has been released on health grounds pending a decision on her appeal against her sentence by the supreme court.

The daughter of the cleaning lady, in statements outside the court, thanked all the people that had stood at the family’s side and supported them. “I thank Greek Justice, which saw the injustice done to my mother. My mother was working all those years for us, everything we are today we owe to her,” she said.

The woman was found guilty of tampering with her school certificate to make it appear that she had completed the sixth year of primary school instead of just the fifth.