September will be a determinative month, FM Venizelos says

September will be a determinative month for developments, noted Government Vice President, Foreign Minister and PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos speaking on Wednesday before an audience of PASOK members, without further determining the kind of developments he foresees.

Venizelos insisted there will be no new memoranda or stream of government measures, appearing hopeful the country is bound to return to being a normal European country.

He noted that the Greek public debt is sustainable for the next ten years, adding that in these ten years there will be changes that will geometrically remodel favourably the debt circumstances.

Venizelos said he plans to reveal details from Greece’s National Reconstruction Plan during the Thessaloniki International Fair in September, which will be designed around the aim of increasing employment levels.

According to the PASOK leader, the party faces three open fronts: one is with populism, demagoguery and falsehood, a second with neoliberalism of the worst kind and a third with those who are mentally myopic.