Serres to host Black Sea and Balkan countries’ cooperation forum

The first forum for the cooperation of Balkan and Black Sea countries will be hosted in the northeastern Greek city of Serres on May 25-26. The city hopes the forum will mark the start of an institution that will serve as a tool for the efforts of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) organisation to promote economic cooperation.

The focus of the forum will be on the prospects for sustainable growth leading up to 2030, examining areas such as energy routes, the digital economy, women in positions of responsibility, agriculture, the environment and use of resources, maritime and land transport networks, culture and sustainable tourism.

It will feature 42 speakers from governments, local authorities, universities, international organisations and multinational companies of strategic importance, with 350 delegates participating. Assisting in its organisation are 100 volunteers from the city of Serres.

In a press conference about the forum, Serres Regional Deputy Governor Yiannis Moysiadis said it was an important event for the city. He noted that there will be parallel events highlighting the area’s local culture and traditional cultural heritage, as well as tours to local sights and tourist attractions.

The head of GeoRoutes Cultural Institute that helped co-organise the forum, Yiannis Balakakis, noted the volatile conditions currently prevailing in the Balkan and Black Sea region and said that the forum will seek ways to promote economic cooperation and growth in the area. He said Serres was chosen to host the forum so that, in line with Geo Routes’ aims that seek to highlight a different aspect of Greece as a region possessing both tourist attractions and the necessary infrastructure.