SETE: Based on tourism, Greece can play a leading role in the provision of services

2017 will be the year during which growth will be gradually achieved through the promotion and better interconnection of tourism with other sectors of the Greek economy, the president of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) Andreas Andreadis said on the occasion of thee World Travel Market 2016 held in London.

“Greek tourism can affect the primary sector, manufacture, construction and industry, further increasing the benefits for local economies, societies, and employment. Based on Greek tourism, Greece can play a leading role internationally in the provision of services,” he underlined.

As regards the first available data for bookings from Britain in 2017, Andreadis said that they are single-digit positive adding that this represents a small only sample of the British market.

“It is imperative to find the right balance for the immediate restoration of the competitiveness of the Greek tourism product through the reduction of overtaxation, the regulation of short-term lease market, boosting investment interest, finding a solution for the management of non-performing loans and restoring liquidity at a reasonable cost,” he said.