SETE: Picture of tourist reservations from Britain better than last year

British tourist reservations for Greece are up, for the time being, in comparison with last year, according to Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) president Yiannis Retsos on Wednesday.

Retsos made his comments after the conclusion of the international Tourist exhibition World Travel Market in London, underlining that Greek tourism continues its strong presence in the British market.

The SETE president said that the reservations comprise a sample only of all reservations made annually in the British market and is not a safe prediction for the whole period. “The British market is characterised by a high percentage of on-line reservations throughout the year, and this is an additional reason for the assumption of more and substantial action that will safeguard the Greek tourism competitiveness. Tourism needs a comprehensive strategy, alertness and continuous adjustments, when and where needed,” he said.

The Greek tourist enterprises will continue to be in a state of preparedness to face the continuous rise of international competition as well as the significant issues that arise, such as the overtaxation of the tourist product.