SETE, Tourism minister lash out at work stoppage

A work stoppage by guards at Greece’s museums and archaeological sites on Saturday drew criticism from Greece’s leading tourism group SETE and Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura for disrupting operations at the start of this year’s season.

Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) said on Thursday that walkout, starting at 8 am, sends negative messages to international travellers and the domestic market which is showing increased traffic for the Easter period.

The tourism group also called on guards to talk over their differences with the Greek government to prevent the shutdown.

Among the pay and staff demands put forth by protesting workers is that the government hires an additional 200 permanent guards, as previously promised by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, according to their union group PEYFA.

In response to the walkout, Kountoura said it is unjustified and casting a negative shadow over the industry at the start of a very strong start to the season.

“Closed archaeological sites and museums, particularly on a day where the open hours are reduced due to the Easter holiday, do not solve any problems; on the contrary, they multiply them,” said the minister.