SEV calls for review of burdens on telecom, TV services

The Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) called for a review of special taxes burdening citizens for the use of fixed-telephony, mobile telephony and TV services, arguing that these burdens were moving in the completely different direction with the goals of a national digital strategy.

A SEV survey, presenting the conclusions of a conference on digital strategy recently organized by the Federation, said that a comprehensive digital strategy will boost the country towards its digital transformation, will strengthen its digital maturity and the development of the Greek economy. This strategy is based on four axies and focuses, among others, to reorganizing and modernizing the state with the digital governance tools, creating national sectorial actions in sectors with competitive advantage and the creation of a national digital hub with an international presence.

Implementation of this project is estimated to add 7.6 billion euros, or 4.0 pct, to the country’s GDP in the next four years, creating 50,000 new job positions and needs 1.9 billion euros in new investments.