SEV: Consumers can save 300 euros per year from sales and discounts

Consumers can save more than 300 euros per year by taking advantage of sales and discounts at super markets that have led to a drop in prices in most categories, while keeping a lid on price hikes on other goods that have been hit by tax increases, according to a report published Tuesday by SEV, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises.

In sectors such as retail, discounts and promotional offers have become a basic tool in becoming competitive while at the same time there have been significant shifts among the behaviour of consumers.

Such as the fact that six in ten consumers say that they always look for specials when shopping, while one in three make decisions based on the offers available and not the brand of the product.

Also, there has been an increase of nine percentage points (from 42 percent in 2015 to 51 percent in 2017) in the number of consumers who wait for a product to go on special before buying it and refuse to buy it at the normal price. Also, a high percentage of consumers (63 percent) said that offers and specials are the main reason they choose to visit the shop they purchase goods from.