SEV: Delay in 2nd review talks undermines economic growth prospects

Insecurity resulting from a delay in concluding a second review of the Greek programe and the uncertainty accompanying it, undermines the country’s growth dynamism and dismisses growth estimates for 2017, while it freezes the country’s huge growth prospects, Theodoros Fessas, president of the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) said, addressing a event on the “European Business Awards 2016/17” held at the house of the British ambassador in Athens.

“Without clear goals, means and results we cannot plan, or assess any progress in the economy. It is clear that the room for new delays has been exhausted and any new day burdens macro-economic scenarios, holds the economy into uncertainty and hurdles efforts to reverse a disinvestment trend. Without investments, we all know that there cannot be stable growth,” Fessas added.

The event honored 38 Greek enterprises, excelled as national champions in “European Business Awards”. Fessas said that despite a crisis, several Greek enterprises manage to put goals, to achieve them and to offer to the Greek economy.