SEV recommends vocational training for students and teachers

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) on Tuesday recommended the vocational training of not only students but also teachers in enterprises, with the aim to cover a gap prevailing in the country in human resources’ skills.

In a report, SEV urged for a closer cooperation between enterprises and education institutions of all grades.

The proposals included “strengthening digital skills of teachers and taking familiarization initiatives through their placement for specific time periods in enterprises of their expertise.

SEV underlined the odd phenomenon of having a very high unemployment rate (more than 20 pct) in the country with almost one million unemployed people, at a time when several enterprises cannot cover their job positions not only of high but of medium technical skills as well because of a lack of necessary candidates with knowledge, experience and skills.

The Federation said that vocational training was downgraded in the country and noted that constant institutional reforms in the sector “not only contributed in the upgrading of the system and the improvement of its image, but on the contrary they created more confusion in an already gloomy landscape”.

SEV underlined the importance of vocational training as a medium for a smoother transition from education to the labour market and urged for a single regulatory framework with a minimun period of three months to facilitate enterprises and trainees.