Seven bidders for Thessaloniki port pier extension project

Seven companies and consortia have expressed interest in undertaking the work for the extension of Thessaloniki port’s 6th pier, at the end of the pre-selection stage of the tender.

The extension will enable the port to accommodate ‘Super Post New Panamax’ high-capacity vessels, and carries a provisional budget of 130 million euros (exclusive of VAT).

The seven stakeholders from Greece, France, Belgium, Italy and Portugal – among them leading companies in the field of construction and port projects – are as follows: Eiffage SA-Terna consortium; Archidoron; Intrakat-Vittadello-Sales association; Mytilineos SA-Rover Maritime SL-HDK SA consortium; AVAX SA-Etermar SA-NV Besix SA consortium; Aktor SA-Tekal SA consortium; and Acciona SA.

The port of Thessaloniki covers an area of about 1,550,000 square meters and is about 3,500 meters long. It has 6,150 meters of platforms, 6 piers, administrative and technical support buildings, warehouses and sheds, special equipment and other facilities.

It is the largest transit port in the country and serves the needs of approximately 15 million inhabitants in the wider region.