Several fires burn out of control at the island of Evia on Saturday

At least 5 communities were evacuated at the island of Evia on Saturday as several fires are raging out of control, said the Fire Brigade.

Fires around the villages of Spathari, Metochi and Mourtia rekindled in Saturday and are burning out of control, and so is a front at the village of Dafnoussa.

An elderly couple was rescued by firefighters in the village of Krioneritis right before flames engulfed their home and were taken to safe location.

Three active fire fronts in Ancient Olympia municipality on Saturday

Three fire fronts are still active in the broader municipality of Ancient Olympia, northwestern Peloponnese, Ilia Region Vice-Governor told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) on Saturday.

The heaviest of these is the fire front at the area of Chelidoni, he noted, while the other two are burning in the areas of Achladini and Nemouta.

Fires that were burning near and around the villages of Labeti, Koliri and Varvasena at Pirgos municipality on Friday have been significantly contained, he noted.