Shipping & Island Policy Minister: Greece needs to make its voice heard on intern’l maritime stage

Greece need to assume a more active role in formulating shipping policy on an international level, and in promoting its role in peaceful progress in SE Europe, Shipping and Island Policy Minister Giannis Plakiotakis said in Parliament on Sunday.

Speaking during a three-day parliamentary debate on the new government’s policy platform, Plakiotakis said the Greek shipping register was losing registrations, and committed to reversing the process in order to protect the national economy and the employment of Greek sailors.

The minister focused on the upgrading coastal shipping services and ships, improving state training for naval staff and agencies such as the Coast Guard/Port Authority, and seeking more EU regional funding for the islands.

Island policy also included managing regional inequalities in funding, which he said is a major concern of the Treaty of Lisbon. “Greece ought to collaborate in the European talks and assume a leading role in European talks for the islands, and for special funding programs for them,” Plakiotakis said.