Coronovirus: Shops to remain closed until April 11

A new joint ministerial decision on the extension of the retail shops closure until 11 April was issued on Sunday and refers to 66 sectors of the economy.

“We are proceeding with plan and discipline” posted on his twitter account Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis publishing the new ministerial decision which foresees the extension of the shops and businesses closure in 66 sectors of the economy as a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus. From the measures are excluded the e-commerce and phone-commerce services with home delivery as well as mobile phone services.

The minister also said that the quarantine will surely last until Easter (19 April) and explained that the country has done well in the management of the coronavirus crisis and would be a huge mistake the virus to be transferred from Athens to other parts of Greece with the Easter holidaymakers, in an interview with SKAI TV on Sunday.