Significant drop in prices and demand for electricity in April

A significant drop in both prices and demand for electricity in April was shown by the official figures of the Energy Exchange.

Specifically, demand fell by 13 pct due to the effects of the pandemic, while the wholesale price of electricity fell by 54.31 pct on an annual basis, to 28.51 euros per megawatt hour compared to 62.4 euros last April.

According to the same data, electricity production fuelled by lignite recorded a drastic decrease (88 pct) in April, while power production from renewable energy sources rose (+50 pct), as did that from hydroelectric power plants (+32 pct) and natural gas units (+16 pct).

Both imports and electricity exports were reduced (34 pct and 46 pct, respectively). In terms of market share, gas units accounted for 35.42 pct, RES production for 34.64 pct, imports for 22.14 pct, hydroelectric production for 4.70 pct and the production of the lignite units only 3.11 pct.