Single fare electronic ATH.ENATickets on sale from Monday

Single-fare ATH.ENA electronic tickets costing 1.40 euros and valid for only one journey became available for purchase on Athens public transport from Monday, the Athens public transport organisation OASA announced.

The new electronic tickets and cards can be used alongside the old paper tickets and paper cards until November 15, when according to sources the ticket barriers will close.

OASA urged the public to not throw away electronic tickets and cards, which can both be topped up and reused.

OASA clarified that the discount tickets of 0.60 euros will be on sale at the ticket offices and can only be purchased from ticket machines by those with a personalised ATH.ENACard.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis on Monday said that all those eligible for discount tickets can enter through special gates that will operate at each stations once the barriers have closed, until such a time as their personalised cards are issued, by displaying their ID, unemployment card or other documents indicating eligibility.

He also announced plans to introduce incentives for those that top up their cards and tickets and reuse them.

OASA has currently issued 197,000 personalised ATH.ENACards, including those that are sent through the post.