Six power stations offline due to strike; no major problems in power supply

Six power stations went offline on Monday as a series of rolling 48-hour strikes by the Public Power Corporation’s staff union GENOP began after midnight, centred mainly on the steam-electric power stations of Western Macedonia. The strike was called in protest against plans for the privatisation of PPC and a draft bill for the sale of its lignite coal units now in Parliament.

According to the independent power transmission system operator ADMIE, meanwhile, the strike has not so far had a significant impact on power availability through the national grid, since current weather conditions make demand relatively low. It noted that six PPC units with a total capacity of 2,100 MWatts are operating, along with private power plants, hydroelectric units and renewable energy sources.

Provided there is no significant change that increases demand, the day is expected to run smoothly without power shortages or outtages, ADMIE said.

All mining activity at PPC lignite coal mines has stopped since Monday, with a 100 pct turnout apart from the skeleton staff required for safety.

According to GENOP, one lignite unit and natural gas unit in Lavrio are offline in the southern grid and the union’s strike plan is unfolding as planned, without aiming to cause disruption to the country’s power supply.

“We are seeking the withdrawal of the draft bill that will provenly be a disaster for Western Macedonia and Megalopolis,” trade unionists told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).