Six violations of the Athens’ FIR by turkish fighters on Thursday

Four Turkish fighter jets and two CN-235 entered Athens’ FIR on Thursday without submitting flight plans. Greek authorities registered six violations of air traffic rules in the FIR which turned into 28 violations of national airspace in several parts of the Aegean.

Most of the violations were committed by one of the CN-235s. Two of the national airspace violations were committed by the Turkish coastguard aircraft which flew over the islet of Panagia of the Oinouses island complex at 3,400 feet at 03:39 and 05:32 respectively. According to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, in all cases the Turkish aircraft were recognized and intercepted by Greek fighter jets. In two instances, the interception developed into a dogfight. The two Turkish aircraft were armed.

This is the third time that there’s a dogfight between Greek and Turkish fighter jets since the failed coup attempt in Turkey.