Ska Keller: There must be greater EU solidarity with Greece

There must be greater EU solidarity with Greece, both with regard to the refugee crisis and in issues concerning the Greek economy, Greens MEP Ska Keller told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Wednesday, ahead of her arrival in Athens.

The German MEP noted that Greece’s EU partners “despite the fact that they had undertaken certain commitments to provide assistance, receiving refugees but also sending experts, have yet to respond…”

While acknowledging that there were still shortcomings in the way Greek authorities were handling the refugee crisis, Keller also pointed out that Greece was unable to cope with such a great problem without European help.
On the economic front, she noted that this was the time for Greece’s partners in the Eurozone to show their solidarity. She also pointed out that the objections on Germany’s side were anything but helpful and that workers’ rights must be respected. This should be a fundamental element in the talks between Greek authorities and the institutions, she said.

Keller is due in the Greek capital on Thursday, accompanied by the European Parliament Greens group General Secretary Vula Tsetsi.