Skertsos on impact of ‘Freedom Pass’ on vaccinations, economy

The 150-euro bonus given in the form of a digital debit card or ‘freedom pass’ to young people aged 18-25 if they got vaccinated has helped speed up vaccination in this age group, especially among those that intended to get vaccinated but “were not in any hurry”, Minister of State Akis Skertsos suggested in a Facebook post on Sunday.

He said that 410,000 young people had either been vaccinated or had booked their first appointment by August 23, representing 43 pct of the specific age group, of which 308,603 had made use of the ‘Freedom Pass’ based on data supplied by Viva and Alpha Bank.

The ‘Freedom Pass’ can be used to pay for travel or cultural activities, helping to provide an additional boost to these hard-hit sectors after the pandemic lockdowns, Skertsos noted.

He urged young people that had not yet made use of the Freedom Pass to do so, noting that it will be available until the end of the year.

Skertsos reported that 33.7 million euros have been spent by beneficiaries of the ‘Freedom Pass’, of which 30 pct on accommodation, 19.5 pct on travel agents, 38 pct on transport and 3 pct on culture.