Skertsos: Get vaccinated in summer, before fall variations kick in

Greece has two summer months ahead of September to raise its vaccination rate, reach an immunity majority of 70%-80% and be prepared by September for Covid-19 variations, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos told Star TV on Wednesday night.

He said that the government should provide more rights to those who are already vaccinated, as they have been denied a lot of the joys of their social and professional lives in the past months, while continuing to apply public health measures for the rest.

As an example of measures for those vaccinated already, he said that store owners could decide to be open only to vaccinated clients, or to include both. They could also see a rise in turnover if all of their customers are vaccinated, he said, as the company could operate on an 85% capacity in this case.

People in food sectors are not obliged to be vaccinated, and that is up to the business owner, he said. “Beyond that, we cannot intervene and obligate all workers to be vaccinated – that’s a personal decision,” he noted.