Skourletis: SYRIZA voters ‘uniting forces’ against the neoliberal counter-reform

Thousands of new members have joined main opposition SYRIZA in the last few months and the process is continuing with the start of the relevant campaign, SYRIZA Central Committee Secretary Panos Skourletis said on Tuesday, speaking to the radio station “Sto Kokkino”.

The fact that this is happening after an electoral defeat, Skourletis added, showed “the determination of a large number of SYRIZA voters to unite [the party’s] forces” and enable SYRIZA to play the role that a significant section of the electorate want it to play.

He attacked the government, saying that “we see an attempted counter-reform that takes on tangible form every week through reactive and neoliberal changes,” citing the draft growth bill as an example. “Almost every article represents an ‘unpaid bill’ to some friend of the government,” he said, adding that the government’s programme was emerging as an extremely neoliberal set of “tried and failed” recipes from the past, tailored to the needs of the few.

Referring to the processes taking place in SYRIZA, he said that the party “must become more convincing and return to a more penetrating, radical programmatic proposal that will be a counterpoint to the neoliberal platform.”