Skrekas: We will pay Gazprom in a way that the sanctions will not be violated

Greece will raise the issue of Gazprom’s payment to the EU at the Council of Energy Ministers on Monday, after the Russians demanded that they be paid in rubles for natural gas, Environment and Energy Minister Costas Skrekas told SKAI television.

He added that Greece will pay Gazprom in a way that will not violate sanctions and will ensure the country’s energy security.

As he mentioned,  on May 20, our country will pay for the quantities it received for the previous month and explained that the gas consumption reaches 50% and sometimes exceeds it.

Mr. Skrekas stated that all measures have been taken for the energy security of the country. Within a month, he stressed, we will have a new floating tank in Revythousa, while with the new liquefied gas installation in Alexandroupolis in 2023 we can say that we will be completely independent of Russian gas.

“We will continue to support households and businesses,” he said, adding that after the migration and health crisis, we have the energy crisis.